37 was the day

My day started at the airport with no customers! Geeze Louise. Arghh. Look at my competition pick people up in their cars. So smug. Really need to get to the airport queue earlier. So I decided to do laps of Bellingham, I’m like a spider trying to figure out where to spin my web to catch that juicy insect that’ll inevitably feed me.

Ping! Finally Bailey. A dental receptionist. I waited ever so impatiently. It was only a short trip, but she told me there wasn’t any customers until late in the day so she thought she go in late. Fair enough. She also was a spitting image of one of my cousins. It was really weird. Made me think of Australia and how I really want to go home and visit everyone. I know I had seen some of them in June, but it wasn’t the same. There’s something about the Australian landscape that is extremely unique and seeing your family in that landscape makes you feel comfortable.

After I dropped her off. Ping. Chase was the name. Then rider has cancelled, well then. Screw you too. Stupid name anyway. Go Chase a grizzly bear.

As I’m driving around B’ham. The pedestrians here have a death wish. Constantly not looking and then walkies out onto the road. This is not GTA people. I’m not going to get points if I hit pedestrians. One person, two person, and number three. Bloody hell. Use the zebra crossings people!

Vincent was my next customer and he is learning linguistics at the local uni. Specifically mandarin. Sounded tasty. Ah yes the mainland Chinese language that is imposing some forceful actions on Hong Kong. We managed to discuss this. He asked me what happened? I went way back in history to the Opium Wars. Leading up to the current situation. He was shocked. I said yep it’s all because of opium. It really hasn’t changed, it’s just a different addiction now. Capitalism and freedom. By the way the only Chinese I know is Cantonese and they’re the swear words. I dropped him off at the most awkward location. Had to do an 8 point turn to get back out.

Next was Kate and the lawyers. The house was stately and south of Western Washington University. The house across the road was a very American home, two stories, white exterior and an American flag on an isolated pole. Looked like something from an estate from the south. Red, White and blue sashes were observed hanging on a balcony and a window. How patriotic of you. To be honest I didn’t mind it’s pride with aesthetics. No Trump 2020 signs or MAGA signs. No political crap. That’s how imagine America from one home in the middle of the street. Oozing it’s freedom. The lawn was a vibrant green and mowed down to the millimeter. Some homes don’t look right when they do this or they do have political crap through the yard. This house should be in a period film. Anyways my passengers finally showed up, whilst i was ogling at their neighbours beautiful home. They were going to Chuckanut for a work party. Sounds fun. One lady suggested I get a go pro camera and do uber karaoke. I mean the thought has crossed my mind, more so the camera, but karaoke. I could have print outs of the lyrics to Peter Allen songs. That’d be great “When my baby…Rio De Janeiro…” whilst thinking deep about this and discussing various strategies. I went sailing past their destination. Now I had to do a 3 point turn. Cool there’s no one around. Then I said oh good no one around. Then as soon as I said that. A car shows up. This happens to me every time I have to turn around. Even the most remote locations. Murphy’s law! The ladies laughed at my predicament. 😢😞😖 you wouldn’t laugh if it was you. OK it’s pretty funny. That’s definitely camera worthy. After dropping them off I was in the narrowest of driveways. Gotta back out before someone shows up. Luckily no one did. Back to town I go.

My final customer was Janine and her son. She was a big time real estate agent in San Francisco. Visiting to assist her son in moving back down to the bay area after studying and working as a chef in B’ham. Very pleasant people. Reminded me of my uni days and how mum would always help me pack up my room at college and drive all the way back to the island. What an ordeal. Thanks mum. Huge help. Dad was always there helping with finances and mum was always there with the logistics. I have bloody good parents. I dropped them off and realized I had only made half my quota for the day in uber earnings. Time to head back home and cut my losses.

Next Is fruitful Fridays.

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