Day 17

Last night. Was extremely fruitful Fridays. I had gotten way more than I had ever in Uber. Started off slow and then it turned into a boulder tumbling, full of money. The app failed to work because for some reason the app decided to update itself with a different logo. I had to add my […]

Day 16

Slowest of the slows. Thinking it was the rain. The first gentleman was called Guy he wasn’t that interesting at all, but asked about Ubering. Next gent was Hector it was his first time using Uber in his life. Preferred it to a taxi. No surprises there. Taxis are horrendously expensive and not very comfortable. As I drove Hector […]

Day 15

Today I saw evolution at it’s finest. Or should I say adaptability? Carolyn was in my car, my first passenger and she was in the front seat! Yes a lot of people like to be chauffer driven. As I discovered. So this was nice and normal for me her in the front seat. We were […]

Day 14

Slow day on the Uber front but had 5 people in my car. All relatively long trips. First was Rafael a nurse who was on the way to the YMCA. He was a non tipper.Second was Stephanie a life coach that flew in from San Diego. I asked her what she did? She mentioned that she goes to […]

Day 13

Started my Uber evening in Fairdinkumhaven aka called Fairhaven and yep didn’t have to wait long for Christie to ping me. She walked to a house party and wanted to be driven back. Fine by me because I wanted to start my evening. Nothing too quirky about her at her.Then there was Stan. Stan Bennett apparently a […]

Day 12

Ze Uber Chronicles Continued: The evening started with me giving out cards to certain isolated bars and BP. Both were extremely grateful because taxis appeared to be the bain of their existence. Almost like they despised their outdated trashy ugly vehicles with the expensive nature of them. Derelict automobile purgatory with signage from another era. […]

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