The 30th Day

I wasn’t going to Uber on Wednesday, but after the interview I was oozing with confidence. I was sharp wearing a suit and my Penrith Panthers tie. Screw it let’s pick people up in style.

As soon as I hit the Bham! Ping. Valentine. Yep never met a Valentine. As in Valentine’s Day. She had nose piercing. You know the ones with a proper ring. The side of her head was shaved. Blonde. Tattoos everywhere. She was a hair stylist. Ah cool makes sense. I dropped her off.

Went back to the airport. Waited in my suit. Sharp, dapper and waiting. Nothing for a bit. Thought after that interview I’m kinda tired, night go home. PING! Okay guess I’ll drop you off and go home. Wait a tick. 78 minute trip! Nice. Going to get my money’s worth. What’s with me getting the unicorns? I mean that’s 3 in less than a month. California, Seattle and now Everett.

The gentleman’s name was Henry. A former doctor, his wife a former nurse. Both retired and visiting family. We discussed Trump, immigration, the healthcare system and gun laws. The thing that surprised me the most is that that both agreed that it should be a public health system rather than private. People can’t afford it. It’s true.

Henry was born in San Francisco from Chinese parents. I told him I went there a few years ago and that I was impressed with the China town there. I told him to go to Sydney Australia for some excellent yum cha. We discussed immigration. He stated that we are all immigrants in this country except for the Native Americans. Agreed. It was a delightful opportunity to have these two in my car. We chatted the whole way. More talkative than that Google person. I noticed the traffic heading back. Oh boy. That’s going to take a while. Henry noticed it too. Must be an accident. Yeah or just close to Seattle. We drove past the Boeing headquarters. Thought about my $50 shares I have with them through my Stash app account. They went up to $67 once then they had those issues with the plane crashes. They dropped to $53. It was a strange feeling. Money in people’s lives. I thought about my interview in the morning where will I be in 10 years? Archaeology has been tough lately. Digging for a pittance. Should be the name of a book. I’m not talking about one company specifically. I’m talking about America in general.

I dropped off Henry and his lovely wife. Enterprise rental car company. Henry tipped me in cash. Cheers mate! Wouldn’t mind knowing them for the long haul. But I didn’t. I was tired. I’d made my quota and then some. Makes up for the short days prior. Back to archaeology for three days. Oh boy!

On the way home I hit the traffic and spoke to mum, when email from my interviewers. Holy cow. Next Phase already.

Till Tuesday next week.

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